I am once again this year participating in Jeff Goin’s 500 Words Challenge. The challenge is to write at least 500 words every single day. Some days I will write here, and others will be written in the book I’m working on. Today, I chose to use his challenge topic and write about the most important day of my life. So take a walk with me and enjoy the day.

It was June 13, 2009. I was living in Barbados and on that day I made the promise to love my husband. Yes, it was our wedding day. A day I had told myself for years that I would never do again, and yet here we were.

The morning was rather relaxing. I spent it with my nieces getting ready. I was so glad they were able to come from the States to Barbados to be a part of things. In the back of my mind, I still had a little worry that the guys would show up on time, that is, on American time and not on Bajan time where everything is always late.

We went to Holder’s House in the early afternoon to get ready. I loved the hustle and bustle of all of the girls in one room trying to get ready. I most enjoyed the children. From two of my nieces to my husband’s best friend’s little one, all getting excited about their fancy dresses and being in the wedding. My awesome friends were out on the deck putting the last minute touches on decorations and things for our dinner.

Kids in wedding

Finally it was time. My brother came to take us to the limo. Yes, we did a limo ride for the girls and I from the house down to the “garden” where the ceremony would take place. With the humidity, it was one way to assure everyone wouldn’t be dripping wet by the time we walked down there. Just as I stepped out of the limo, it began to sprinkle. Oh no, NOT during my wedding, I remember thinking. Then one of my Bajan friends reminded me it was just God’s blessing on the day. Sure enough, in about 15-20 seconds it was all over.

What followed was a fun, amazing ceremony that melded two cultures together. From Taurus Riley’s “She’s Royal” at the start, to Luciano’s “Your World and Mine,” we blended music from what’s popular in the US to some of our favorite reggae tunes. My awesome nephew played his guitar, and a friend from Barbados sang. It was indeed a blessed event.

Barbados Wedding
Of course, no wedding is complete without the reception. Oh my was I thankful for that Bajan cook who did our wedding dinner. I had given him a count of 200 the week before the wedding. At the end of the night, he came and told us he had served 400 people! You see, the idea of an RSVP just doesn’t work in Barbados! And because he has done so many weddings there, he knew just how to make that food work for that crowd!

Then we got to the real party and dancing. From our US friends learning that dancing takes on an entirely new meaning in Barbados, to watching our Bajan friends try to do the Chicken Dance (the one request from my great nephew, who was our ring bearer), it was a sight to remember. Thankfully we got through the evening without anyone ending up in the pool as our dance floor was a floating dance floor over the pool.

Weddings are truly just a beginning. This one turned out just as we had hoped, a great ceremony and then an awesome party. It’s one that our friends still remember today. It was the beginning of a brand new life for me, one that has been incredibly blessed.

How about you? What was the most important day of your life?

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