Today marks 8 years since the 9/11 attacks on America. As I sit in Barbados, I am watching the images on TV with all of the memorials and reminders and it saddens me all over again. None of us will ever forget where we were on that day eight years ago.  It changed our country and out world.

Today I find myself thinking about how much has changed. Travel certainly, but so much more. While those events were certainly scary, I think it also showed us how courageous we are as a people.

I was in Colorado that fateful day, however, I lived right outside of Washington, DC, and had a flight home scheduled for the 12th. It, of course, was canceled. I was finally able to get a flight out on the 15th, one of the first days they let planes go back into the DC area. What a flight that was.  You can read that story here:
That was my 15 minutes of fame, so to speak.

The lessons I learned on that plane ride home, however, were valuable ones. I learned you cannot live your life in fear. I think we live our lives either in fear or faith. Faith is a much better place to be.

I am sad for the folks who lost their lives on that day eight years ago. I am also extremely thankful for the ones who continue to protect and defend our freedom as a nation and as people. I am an avid supporter of our military folks and their families. They give up so much and selfishly. The sacrifices they make on a daily basis so that we can live in a free country amaze me.

And so, for today, my thoughts are simple. Gratitude and may we never forget.

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