Last Friday at 4:15 p.m., I tried to open a page on the internet and got that wonderful message that said “Internet Explorer is unable to open this page.” What? How could that be? It’s a page I go to all the time.

It turns out, the modem upgrade I knew I needed to do and hadn’t gotten around to yet was now urgent, because the old one no longer worked. On top of that, Fridays in the Caribbean means things close up around 4, so there was no way this one was getting resolution until Monday. How in the world could I go all weekend with no internet? On top of that, my internet is connected to my phone service so that also knocked out all contact with my family in the States. I do have a Blackberry so I had access to emails, just nothing else. And yes, I know those things come with internet browsing, but it’s just not how I use mine. Today, the guy came to replace the modem. He had to take it to the office and “see how long the line is” and said he’d be back. I finally got reconnected around 12:30. Almost three whole days without my connections.

What I realized is that first, I CAN go without that! It’s possible. It made me a little crazy all weekend at first, but then I just said it is what it is and moved on. I read a great book (more on that in a future post), watched some movies, and spent most of the day with a friend. Connections, once again.

Not too long ago, I read Seth Godin’s book “Tribes” and so the important of being connected to things has been on my mind a lot these days. When we don’t have our connections, we miss them, life is not the same, and life is not okay. They are what brings life together for us.

I am glad that today my connections are all back in place and life is back to normal (at least as normal as is possible).

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