I love reading. Most of the reading I do these days is either online or on my Amazon Kindle. For the past month, I haven’t had my Kindle because I had to send it back. Sending something back is a challenge when you are in another country, but Amazon’s policies are great and they shipped out a new one before they even had my old one in. I then sent the old one back to the States with a friend and waited for someone to come from the States and bring my new one to me. Fortunately Amazon now offers the Kindle internationally, which should really help in situations like this!

There are no big bookstores in Barbados. The one store they do have is rather small and carries a very limited supply of books. In addition, the cost of the books here is pretty steep. That is another reason why having the Kindle is such a great thing. Books can be downloaded to my computer and then uploaded to the Kindle.

This weekend, I got my new Kindle! It was like the arrival of an old friend. Now I can sit and read while I watch TV. No more being chained to the computer! There are several new books out that I have downloaded and I look forward to getting through them and reporting here in the next few weeks.

Sometimes people ask me for suggestions on what to read. This weekend I have added a page here to give you some of my suggestions. It lists some of my favorite authors. I hope you will find some to add to your bookshelf!

Do you have a Kindle? Who is your favorite author?

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