Yesterday I wrote that I was focused on finding things every single day that I am thankful for and sharing it here. Today I am thankful for family.

I have an awesome husband. He is Rastafarian and so laid back and sometimes it does drive me a bit nuts, yet his calming spirit is also really good for me. He is the first to remind me “it will all work out because God has always made it right for us.” His goal in life is to be sure I am happy. This week when I was talking with my brother about how sometimes his laid back attitude was frustrating, my brother reminded me that “don’t we all wish for someone who really cares if we are happy?” Thanks, bro, for a great reminder that I DO need to be thankful for that’s really important.

I have a great brother as well. I know I’ve talked about him before, but it bears repeating here. When I was away and couldn’t take my grandmother, he did, no questions asked. That’s not an easy task. Gram is 95 and can be a bit of a challenge. It can be tiring to take care of the things she needs and deal with her forgetfulness all day long. Yet he does it. He also quickly said yes to taking my dog for awhile when I moved to Barbados with my job. The one thing that could have prevented me from making that move was not knowing if I would still have Turbo when I came back. Michael did it, took him, and Turbo is happy and actually more socialized now than he ever was when I had him. I don’t think it hurts that Turbo is a beautiful dog and creates a great conversation with females when the two of them visit Starbucks together! 🙂

My grandmother has been on my mind a lot this week. I miss her and the conversations we used to have. When I lived closer to her, we often went to coffee every single day. She has always been my best friend. It’s great if everyone has someone who always believes in them no matter what they are trying to do. For me, Gram is that person. I am so fortunate to still have her in my life.

Then there’s my niece and her family. She is so caring and awesome. She has three beautiful children who add so much to my life. I am proud of her as I watch the job she is doing to be a great mom. She is one of the first people to step in when someone needs something and is so generous. They have always opened their home when I’m in town if I want a place to stay. Her husband is a good guy who is a wonderful host. He, too, is always ready to step in and help if someone needs it. The values they teach their children about doing for others is a legacy that will be passed on to the new generation. The three kids, well, you just can’t beat them. They bring me laughter, tears, and smiles. The time I get to spend with them when I am home is something that sure adds to my life.

Stopping to think about what you are thankful for really brings to mind what it is in life that you really value. And today, I value family. They are so important and I am so blessed to have each of them.What is on your list of things that you are thankful for today? Please do share it here in your comments.

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