It’s hard to believe that 2009 is about to come to an end.

In many ways, it’s been a good year. The biggest thing for me in 2009 was getting married again. I am so blessed with a wonderful husband who is caring and loving. It is a blessing I never anticipated having, which makes it extra special. Our wedding was full of love, shared with friends from both the States and Barbados, and I believe everyone had a great time. It turned out to be just what we wanted to create in a celebration and time of sharing.

My time in Barbados was well spent and has created memories and friendships for me that will be forever. My goal in things I do these days is pretty focused on how I can do things that make a difference. In working with the training program there, I did that. There are brand new medical transcriptionists working on the island who now have a new career and are doing well with it. The relationships that were developed along the way are ones I will treasure for the rest of my life. It’s rewarding to see things like that happen. The friends I made along the way were quite kind in their expressions of thanks to me for the time I spent there. I hope that one day I will get to return, if not for business we will certainly be going back to see family and friends.

The year held some “downers” as well. My job with the company I spent the last eight years at was “furloughed,” and I have joined the ranks of the unemployed. Dealing with the emotions attached to something that I put my heart and soul into have been a challenge during the holiday season. I have a tough time not worrying about the people, and yet I am constantly reminded that, as a good friend put it, it’s no longer my basket to carry. At the same time, this change allowed us to move back to the States and be closer to family. That has been a blessing.

I am a believer that with every bad thing, there’s something good in it if you look hard enough. Living closer to family is one of those things this year. I was able to go to a third grade Christmas program for my niece, something I haven’t done in over 10 years. You cannot replace those experiences. I’ve also had some time to reflect on what life holds next. For me, that has meant looking at what I can offer that really will make a difference for someone.

One thing that I am doing is rolling out a new website for medical transcriptionists. I believe there is a need for quality continuing education for medical transcriptionists. Our profession is changing rapidly and most days it’s hard to keep up. It is my sincere hope that MT Tools Online will fill a void in giving this group something of value. I hope it creates a community that who educate each other as we navigate these uncertain waters. Medical transcriptionists can sign up on the front page for updates on when this site rolls out. Do stop by as well and visit the forum and introduce yourself.

In December, I received word that I passed the certification exam as a Certified Inbound Marketing Professional. That will be my new passion for 2010. I am hoping to do some things that create value for others as I share how to make these things work for them. The course I took was fascinating, sometimes mind numbing as I learned a new language, and exciting all at the same time. It has been 10 years since I took my last certification exam for anything and this one created no less stress. If I can use that knowledge to help others, then I will consider that a success.

I’m not really much for writing a “list” of resolutions each year, although I do set goals. I think goals are an ongoing thing in life and without them, we simply flounder. Direction and a plan are always important.

What about you? What plans are you making for the new year? I look forward to your responses!

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