It is five days before Christmas. This week, my husband said “Christmas is for kids and merchants.” It makes me think a lot about what we value. I do agree with him in many ways, it seems our holidays have become so commercial. At the same time, I love seeing the excitement of kids at the holidays. They are so excited. I had a chance this last week to go to my niece’s third grade Christmas program. What a treat.

While much of the world is celebrating and rushing around to get that last minute great deal on presents, there are also many people who are sad at this time of year. Some of my friends are leaving their jobs this month, a sad situation for anyone to be in, much less at the holidays. Some are missing those who are no longer with them. It can lead to sadness setting in and a cycle that’s hard to break.

Personally I have a bit of both. My own job has been “furloughed,” which essentially means I am spending the holidays unemployed. I miss family members who are no longer with us. And yet, I am so incredibly blessed that it’s hard to let these things get me down. I am now living close to family. Those third grade performances are a great reminder of the value of being close to where your family is. I will soon have my dog back in my house and there’s no replacement for that unconditional love. I have a wonderful husband who is so incredibly good to me that words to explain it are simply not enough. I am starting some new ventures that are exciting to me and in areas I’ve never done before.

I find myself thinking that the good far outweighs the bad. I am, simply put, blessed. For me, that is where I choose to put my focus, on the blessings of the season. It does wonders to change your outlook.

What blessings are you counting this year at Christmas? Let me hear from you!


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