A few weeks ago, I talked about wanting to start a happiness journey. I think it’s always good to seek balance in life and to find things that really bring you joy. Great idea, right? And then life happened.

For those of you who read here often, you know that I am also the caretaker of my grandmother. She will be 96 in 10 days, and you can read about what it’s like in my house in my post here. Life has been challenging lately. Dementia is an awful thing to watch in someone you love. I’ve often said you have to laugh, or you’ll cry.

With that, my husband and I are also in the process of doing the necessary steps for his immigration to the US. Next week, we have our actual face-to-face interview. Hopefully that will clear that process for us and he will be able to look for work and be here permanently.

Because of those things, I found myself thinking, on some days, “happiness? Who has time!” And so I didn’t move forward with this.

Today I realized that times when life is hard is exactly the time you NEED to focus on what makes you smile and what brings joy to your life. I had some great interaction with the folks on MT Tools Online, with a wonderful discussion about values. It was a great reminder for me that this project IS something I feel is important to do.

What does all that really mean? It means we WILL do this and we will get on it next week. I hope you will join us, and I hope together we can explore the idea of values, of happiness, of creating  joy in our lives, and have some really meaningful dialogue. I look forward to it.

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