Jolt! is a self-help type of book written by Phil Cooke and is all about how we deal with change in life. The author’s point is that sometimes we have to “jolt” ourselves out of our current way of thinking to move forward.

Some points to the book include:

1. Everything in the world is changing, so we need to change too. The key to change is being sure you are asking the right questions.

2. Start at the finish line. Begin with a dream. It’s important to be creative, and come up with something you’ll love. If this means you need further education, go for it.

3. Have moral courage and integrity, so you can set priorities which need to be done. Start your day with the highest priority, not the easiest one to get done. Making a lot of choices will make you a better decision maker. Find those you admire for their decisions and model yourself after them.

4. Know yourself. So much of life is about understanding our boundaries. Don’t let others define who you are, and if that means making changes in life then do that.

5. Knowledge is an asset, but real asset is growth – be creative, an original thinker. This is much like what Seth Godin writes about when he talks about not waiting for someone to give you permission to do something. Be creative, break rules, and get things done.

6. Embrace ambiguity – life doesn’t always make sense.

7. Be generous.

8. Spend time with those who believe in you, avoid those who don’t

9. Push the limits of your thinking. Don’t let emotions control you. Get over yourself – care about the project. Leave a legacy of change.

All in all, the book is a good read. I don’t know that there’s any real “new” material to it, but I did like that each chapter started with quotes and the information was solid.

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