This month has been so full of challenges I have agreed to do. First, the 500 words with Jeff Goins, then The Early to Rise Experience with Andy Traub. In the midst of all of that, my leader in the business I have challenged us to create a vision board for 2014. An outsider might consider it a bit nuts to take on so many challenges at once, but I’ve found they work quite well together.

I have always picked three words to serve as my North Star for the year, at least for the last several years. This year, my words are gratitude, inspire, and opportunity. It is my desire to always live a life of gratitude. Not only does it change the world around you, it’s tough to be upset about much when you are always looking for things you are grateful for. Inspire is a word I love. I never want to be too busy to be inspired by the things around me. I seek to inspire others to see the great things in themselves, hoping to encourage and support them to reach for their dreams. The word opportunity comes from my desire to see the opportunities given to me and share those with others. In my business, I am blessed to have a wonderful opportunity to share for people who want to start their own business. It is a blessing to share that with others who are interested.

These first two challenges really have changed my plans for this year. It’s been an amazing journey in this very short 22 days. I find myself up and awake at 5 in the morning, well semi-awake until I’ve had that first cup of coffee, but still, 5:00! By the time I have to go to work at 7:30, the tone of the day has been set because I have not been rushed, I had had time to stop and reflect on the day, I’ve had time to do some writing, and all seems right with the world. I remember in the early chapters reading something about how this experience would change your life. At that time, I don’t know that I really believed that. Today, I sure do.

So what does that really mean? It means I have a renewed sense of purpose, when it comes to my family, my life, and my business. It means I have written daily and made lots of progress toward that dream of getting my book published. Those are good things, but it’s so much more than that. I have started a new plan for health this year. Health is something I often talk about, but don’t really do too much with it. What I now know is it’s time, and I’m ready. (Okay, it was time before, but I wasn’t ready.) Another interesting thing, is that I find myself with so much more energy these days. Who could have ever imagined that those two things would have created such a change in outlook that spurred one on to action? I certainly didn’t predict that.

In the end, I really should not be that surprised. My life verse, Jeremiah 29:11, tells me God has a plan for my life, a plan to prosper and not harm. I believe God sent these two men and these things into my life just at the time when I needed it to be there. Their work has touched my life and I am truly blessed.

While I believe my vision board may be a work in progress, I did spend time today creating it. It is on Pinterest and if you’d like to see my Vision for 2014, stop by and take a look!

Do you have a vision board? I’d love to hear about it!

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