Social Media for Direct Sellers

For those in direct sales, it’s often a challenge! Everyone knows we need to have a social media presence. The key is finding which venue works best for you and your business. That means doing some research about where your customers are hanging out! It seems a new platform emerges every month, and it can be quite time consuming to figure out where to spend your time!

I’ve been asked several times to create courses on social media marketing, so here you go! The first course will be an overview of the social media world and the different platforms that are out there. I imagine there are some you haven’t even heard of before! Once you’ve done the intro course and have an idea of which platform works for you, then consider doing some more indepth education on that particular platform.

Course Content

This course is an overview of what platforms are out here and a general description of how they work. We will cover some very basic information about each one so that you can determine what might best suit your business.

Why Should I Take Your Course?

I have spent the last ten years marketing online. In 2009, I obtained a credential as a Certified Inbound Marketing Professional from Hubspot. I’ve built online courses, built websites and had them rank in Google, and I have been using these skills specifically in the direct sales industry for the last two years. The majority of my team building in my business has been through the use of social media. While there are a lot of courses out there on how to market online, not too many focus on the home-based business or direct sales industry. I would love to share those tips and tricks with you to help you choose a system that works for your business.

The Details

The first course will be a one-hour webinar on the different platforms that are available. We will explore the use of social media in general for marketing your business. Learn why this is a space you definitely want to be in and how it can benefit your business.
Date: April 7, 2015
Time: 6:00 pm Mountain Time
Investment: $20

Space is limited, so grab your seat today!

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