As many of you have seen from my posts on Facebook, I have started the THRIVE experience with Le-Vel. I’ve had a few questions and a few comments. I thought I would start to use my blog here to talk about some of the why for it. Warning, this post is a bit long, so stick with me!

Let’s start with about six months ago. I started seeing posts about this product, lots of them. I read enough to see that it involved some kind of supplement shake and a patch. All over social media you would see people posting their selfies with that patch. Perhaps I’m just old school, but I remember years ago trying one of those “shakes” and it was frankly about the nastiest thing I ever tasted. Kind of like drinking liquid chalk. So, yep, I decided that’s not for me. Still, I continued to watch a few people talk about it. Okay, not just a few, the numbers great.

About six weeks ago, I saw someone offering a free sample. Okay I’m curious. I have been dealing with some real lack of energy. In my recent doctor’s visit, I actually told her I wasn’t sure if I needed daily naps because I was depressed or if something was wrong. We did lab tests. Nothing was wrong. I also recognize that from the holidays through March is generally a tough time for me since my grandmother died three years ago. Okay, so maybe it’s depression and I just need to write in my gratitude journal and adjust my attitude. Did that, and still needed a daily n nap. I’m not talking about a 20 minute power nap, a real “I must sleep for two hours” nap! So, I bit the bullet, listened to the required call, and got my free samples. On top of just being tired, I am dealing with that nasty aging process and lots of arthritis. Extra weight doesn’t help arthritis. My knees hurt all the time. My back often hurts and I’ve used a lot of things to cope with that. So I find myself looking at life and thinking I do not want to be my mother. And yet, to lose weight, I know I have to move more, and moving simply hurts, way too much. So my (il)logical brain just says “it’s just how life will be.” Now my emotional brain is screaming that I don’t want to be my mother. I’m not ready to give up on life and sit in a chair. I want to be able to move, walk, maybe even do something like Curves, but the body isn’t cooperating with that at all.

They arrived, two shake mixes, three days of capsules, and three of those green patches. Green’s never been my color, but it really doesn’t matter, you don’t have to wear them where anyone can see them. Here’s the routine. It’s pretty simple. Take the capsules (1 or 2) when you first get up (“before your feet hit the floor”), wait 20-40 minutes and then drink the shake, then apply the patch to clean, dry skin. Simple enough. Okay it’s a fast 20 minute routine. I can handle that. I take the pills, then I mix up the shake. It’s vanilla flavored. On day one, I mixed it with water and just drank it fast. It was nothing like I remembered from previous experience. I won’t tell you it was like a milkshake, but it wasn’t like liquid chalk. A tiny bit of a chalky feeling, but not bad. Then I put the patch on. Okay, I’m done with day one. For me, my heart kind of raced the first day. So day two, I adjusted and only took one capsule. That’s actually recommended for people who don’t drink much coffee, a category I definitely don’t fit into, but still day two I cut it in half.

Now, on day two, I had an idea to flavor up that shake a bit. I used some of my essential oils and just added a drop of wild orange to it. Now I have a shake that kind of tastes like a Creamsickle. Yes, I can do that! I only drank half of the shake so I could save the other half for the next day. Quick and easy, routine done! I noticed on day two I didn’t feel as tired. I wasn’t spending my day feeling like my head was going to hit the computer keyboard in the afternoon. Okay, that’s good.

Now let’s see about day three. Up and routine finished! I only had the other half of my shake on this day. At some point during the day I got up to do something and like a dash of cold water in the face, I realized I had no pain in my knees. ZERO. I also noticed my back wasn’t hurting. Hmm, maybe there’s something to this after all. How could that 20 minute, fast, simple routine make that possible? It also dawned on me that I hadn’t had to use my oils that I use for pain the last two days. Interesting indeed.

But you know what? I’m still skeptical. So I chatted with a woman I’ve met online in my networking. She does this as well and was so helpful to answer my questions along the way. I said, okay so three days may not be enough. What if it doesn’t continue to work. Can I buy samples? Yes, she offered me a 3-day sample pack for $20. Okay, let me do that. Because I need to see if it’s sustainable.

My samples arrived, and I continued my “test.” Now a week on this, I have to say the results have been amazing and I’m just getting started. My knees have literally not hurt at all. My back hurt only a twinge and that was a day I didn’t put on a patch. On yes, and those naps? I haven’t had one in four days. As I type this, it is 10:00 at night and I still feel awake and energetic. Let me tell you what else I’ve noticed. Last night I got the best night of sleep I have had in ages. I didn’t wake up several times through the night, actually slept 5 hours straight without waking up, got up for a bit, and then slept three more hours. That’s another major change for me. I have signed up and will be a “thriver” now! Nothing else I’ve done in the last two years has given me this kind of result. I’m also thinking maybe there’s a little weight loss happening (at least I feel it in my clothes) but I can’t confirm that as I haven’t been on the scales. Stay tuned as we move along because I am going to start tracking that too. Even these simple results so far are providing major improvements in life for me, both personally and with my direct sales business. I’m so glad I gave it a shot.

Another very cool thing about this is that with just two people who are also doing this journey with me, my product can be free. Yes, you read that right, totally free! There’s no “enrollment” cost, and even as a customer and not a promoter (someone who intends to build a business), you can refer others and end up getting your products for free. Most of the people I’ve talked to have only paid for their first month and after that it’s been free for them. I believe that’s because they share their personal results and who among us doesn’t want to feel better and be more healthy?! Check out my site!

So here’s the same deal for you. Skeptical? Give that three day trial a shot! It’s so worth the $20 to see if it makes a difference for you. Or just sign up for a free account and poke around the site for yourself. Either way, you owe it to yourself to at least check it out. Let’s Connect!


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