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I love new adventures, don’t you? And this last week has been a fun one for me!

First, let me share with you that I love the world of direct sales. I’m a passionate believer in what you can accomlish in your life in this industry. Last week, my husband and I returned from a trip to Barbados. It was my goal to be able to take him home for a visit using the income from my direct sales business. And we did it! What a blessing to be able to give him that gift as he had not been home in six years. So I’m a believer in all it can do for you and your family!

So back to last week! I saw a post by a friend about a brand new company called Ink For Now. It’s temporary tattoos! Oh my goodness! I have always loved the idea of tattoos, but you know, I never wanted anything permanent (I always think about sagging skin and what that might look like down the road), and I sure do not like the idea of needles! So I just never did it! Well, with a temporary tattoo, none of that matters! Then I saw this company was open for people to join with founder status! Whoa! That’s huge in direct sales! Founders often have more perks and this is no different! Higher commissions right from the start and bigger bonuses! Oh wait! I can also earn a refund on my kit in this “new” time period and the basic kit is only $49.95? Okay, I’m in!

And what a fun week it has been! In just one week, the team has grown to 21 people, we have celebrated 9 promotions, and I have personally promoted three times! In one week! It’s fun to be a part of something new and I now have two ventures–both of which revolve around telling stories!


Now think about this! Custom designs and fundraisers! Yep, you can create a custom design for your group or organization and get them at a discount and do a fundraiser! How cool is that! I am already thinking of so many organizations I could help!


First, take just five minutes and watch this short video. It will give you lots of information! Then, if you’re interested in this business opportunity, then we should connect! Founder status is only available until July 7 and I’d love to welcome you to the team! Here’s to new adventures!

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