Colorado Business Network

It’s Day 12 in our 30 Days of Gratitude, and today I am thankful for this awesome group of women. These are some of the women in my networking group. At our meeting this month, one of our members, who is a professional photographer, did a photo shoot for us with all of our products. I can’t wait to share more of those and if you want to see them, be sure you connect with me on Facebook as I’ll be sharing them soon!

A year ago, we started this group. Our goal was to create a networking group for small business owners to support each other, to learn from each other, and to have some fun. In this past year, we’ve done all of that and more. I have learned so much from this group. I love that women can come together and support each other. And we DO have fun! In addition to our monthly meetings, we do quarterly vendor events. It’s a chance to come together at a shopping event and share our products with customers. Because we all invite people, we all get to expand our network even more!

This group truly understands the power of networking and I’m so thankful for them. In addition to our professional networking, we’ve become friends. I love that about what we have created together.

Today, I’m blessed that each of these women has become a part of my life. What are YOU grateful for today?

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