I love finding little gifts that are fun, and make people smile. This one is just that! I have kids in my life who love pandas, so I was pretty happy to find this jewel. It’s a travel pillow, that expands to a panda bear!

Take a look at how it works. First, a general travel pillow. If you travel, these are great to have for those times when you are crunched in an airplane seat (and, you know, airlines do not provide pillows anymore!). This particular pillow is firm, but not too much, and provides great neck support.

Travel pillow

So let’s suppose you still want a pillow, but you also want something that’s fun. Enter the pillow with a panda head! I love this look and the kids in my house have had so much fun with it! The panda comes out of a zippered pouch at the top of the pillow. Here you can still have your pillow, and also show a little personality with your bear!

Panda Travel Pillow

Okay, so travel is done. Now it’s time to simply have a cute display around the house. Enter, the panda part of this product! Now you have a cute stuffed animal that can proudly grace anyone’s room, or even be a stuffed animal that the children can play with. What I love about this feature is if you are traveling with small children, it’s a two-in-one product. They can nap with the pillow, and when they are awake and looking for something to do, it becomes a toy to entertain them!

Panda Travel Pillow

I would definitely recommend this as an awesome find for the young folks in your life. If you have a panda lover in your house, it’s a must have! For more product reviews go to Comparoid.com.

DISCLAIMER: I received this product for a reduced price in exchange for a fair and honest review of the product.

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