I have always loved words. In 2010, I knew I needed to write a book about the promises we have in the Bible and can claim in our every day lives today. And so began that journey.

Somewhere along the way, life happened. With the loss of my grandmother and best friend, all of my writing stopped. I just didn’t have the inspiration to make it happen.

I’ve always believed that we have promises in the Bible that we can claim as ours. This book was started many times, worked on off and on over four years, and finally published. It has been, like my life, a work in progress. And now it’s here.

My life has been filled with so much. It has also been full of broken promises. The word “trust” became almost a word to snicker at. That’s what often happens when we rely on other human beings to fulfill the desires of our heart.

Life Verse
My book dream came about through reading and having Jeremiah 29:11 truly speak to me. It is now my life verse. As I began to claim this verse as my own, I began a journey to find other promises that are given to us in the Bible. I knew there had to be more. Thus, “Standing on the Promises” was born.

My book is now available on Amazon. I hope you will be blessed by reading it.

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Standing on the Promises by Kathy Nicholls

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