Live VerseSometime last year, a good friend of mine sent me a package. It was a part of the pay it forward campaigns you often see on Facebook. I opened the box to find an adult coloring book and a set of colored pencils. I must admit, my first response was “well isn’t that nice,” and I put them aside. I’m not creative, so I couldn’t imagine why she sent me a coloring book. (Thanks, Nae, I will always be grateful for you doing this!)

A few months later, I found myself just needing to relax. Life had become stressful, I was working way too many hours, and we had lots of family things happening. As I cleaned my office that day, I ran across that gift. So I decided to get it out and see what all the fuss was about. And I fell in love!

There is something totally relaxing about sitting down and coloring. Your brain just shuts down to the stress of the day and you become totally focused on what you are creating. I believe it takes us back to those days of carefree childhood, where life was simple and easy. And these days, you can find a coloring book for just about everything. My books now are mostly either inspirational quotes, or Bible verses. I even, on occasion, make my own picture to color like the one above. I wanted something to color with my life verse on it, wasn’t finding it, so I created it! And colored away! For me, those types of books are also times when I am reminded of what’s important. On top of the relaxation of coloring, I am getting the reminder of either that positive quote or Bible verse. It’s a double win!

My Favorite Product!

Super Doodle Gel Pens
As I have explored coloring the past few months, I came across gel pens. My husband would tell you that my coloring books and gel pens have taken over our house. He doesn’t get it and has no real interest in it, although he’s so very supportive every time I finish a masterpiece! I got several different brands of gel pens, tried them all. That is, until I purchased my very first set from Super Doodle! I often leave Amazon reviews on products, and on this one, I wrote simply that I loved them and only wished they came in more colors (my pack had 36 pens). Imagine my surprise when I received a reply from them in less than an hour! I have never had a company reply to my review or comments on Amazon. Super Doodle indeed now has a 50-pen pack! And yes, I have a couple! I love them because they go on smoother than some others I have tried. I love the vibrant colors and the variety they offer. I’ve also not had my pictures smudge with these pens. And I love that the company is so responsive.

Now, the folks at Super Doodle are very generous, so guess what?! They have given me a set of their pens to give away to someone right here on this blog! There are three things you need to do to enter this drawing!
1. Leave a comment here about what your favorite thing is about coloring.
2. Share this post with your friends on social media using the share bar at the left of this post.
3. Like the Super Doodle fan page on Facebook!

I will be drawing a winner and announcing it on Monday morning! Invite your friends and someone will be getting this awesome set of 50 gel pens! I can’t wait to hear your comments and see who wins! Ready, set, go!

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