This month I joined another program provided by Jeff Goins on “intentional blogging.” I love the word intentional. It speaks to me. It is my desire to be intentional–with my life, with my business, and with my writing. What does that really mean? For me, it means doing things with purpose and having a plan.

Intentional with Life

Life Verse

I’ve always had a life plan. But you see, intentional or not, “life happens” and things don’t always go the way I think they should or the way I envisioned them to happen. It’s during those times that I find myself relying on my life verse, Jeremiah 29:11. Being intentional with life means I have a plan, I work that plan, and I also understand that God’s plan is so much bigger than anything I can create for myself. It doesn’t mean I get complacent about doing things, it simply means that even when I don’t understand it, I know there’s a plan.

Intentional with Business

I have a business in direct sales. I love what I do there because it’s all about telling stories. It is one of the reasons I chose this particular company, because it’s a way for people to share the stories of their lives. Being intentional in business means I have a plan that I consistently work related to my business. I have an awesome team of people and perhaps my greatest blessing in this area is being able to serve and mentor them. My greatest intention in my business is to always have a servant heart, both with my customers and with my team.

Intentional with My Writing

We were asked in our challenge this week why we write. I write to share my heart. I write, as in my recent book, to encourage and inspire. Yes, sometimes it feels like a brain dump, and I hope that it gets read and helps someone. I want to write about the “Inheritance” study I’m doing right now. I believe there are people it will help. So, I must be intentional. And while all of those are good things, I also write for me. I find it nourishes my soul to sit down and put words on paper. I find those times when I haven’t written for awhile, I can tell it. It feels as if something is just missing. So I will be more intentional in having more of a schedule to write. I will be intentional about getting back to my habit of rising early and writing.

What about you? What does the word “intentional” mean for you?

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