Yes, that says TWO days in one at the top! It seems that Saturday evening, some kind of pretty nasty bug hit my house (well, so far it’s only hit me). I hope it stays away from all of your houses because I’ll tell you it isn’t pretty at all!

For my first thing of gratitude, it absolutely has to be my awesome husband. He’s such a caretaker if I’m sick and boy has he had his share of things this weekend. I think the most touching was that I remember laying in the bed, freezing from the chills, totally wrapped in covers, and he came and added a blanket. I do remember him saying “I’ll be sure you get warm.” You know, somehow that small gesture seemed to make things warmer. I am so grateful for him.

Today I am just grateful for the small things. Like having heat in our house. We haven’t had a working furnace the last couple of days and winter is setting in here in Colorado. This morning, got actually got heat thanks to the furnace guy getting things going. There’s still some work to be done so that the bathroom has heat, but hey, the rest of the house has it so we’re grateful.

My list is short and sweet today! What’s on your list?

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