It’s day three of our 30 Days of Gratitude series. I sure appreciate that you are stopping by and commenting. If you love doing this, please take a minute and share it with the share bar at the left and invite your friends to join us! I love having lots of folks in the conversation!

Today I am thankful that I live in a state where we get to enjoy the fall colors. It is one of my favorite times of year. The colors are bright with the vivid yellows, oranges and reds. And if you’re close to a place with the mountains in the background like in this picture, you may also see a snow-capped mountain in the background. Taking that mountain drive as the colors are changing is one of my favorite things to do this time of year.

I spent two years living in Barbados. Seasons don’t change there. It’s really summer all year long, with a pretty consistent 80 degrees, lots of humidity, and everything is always green. And while I loved that, I missed the changing of the colors in the fall.

This year, I live across the street from a school. They have big trees in the school yard and they are all changing right n ow. My street is full of bright yellows, reds, and oranges. It’s a pretty awesome place to start the morning; I just grab my coffee and sit out on the porch and enjoy it. It’s as if God created a masterpiece of a painting just for my morning enjoyment, what a blessing.

So today I am grateful for fall colors. And now it’s your turn! What are you grateful for today? I look forward to hearing about it!

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