The Principle of the Path

The Principle of the Path is by Andy Stanley, and I’ve always enjoyed his books. This one was no different.

The concepts in the book can best be summarized with this one quote:

“Every path leads somewhere…and the road I’m on always determines where I end up. Direction—not intention—determines our destination.”

Isn’t that simple truth? We often are so caught up in what we intend to do or make happen that we forget that it’s all about what direction we are moving. We move in the wrong direction and then wonder why things haven’t worked out so well in our lives, our families, our relationships, our careers. After all, our intentions were good.

I believe we all need that reminder that speaks to accepting that the outcomes in our lives are determined by the directions we choose. We may choose an “easy” path, thinking it will get us to happiness sooner even though logic says that’s not the case. When it doesn’t work out, we get stuck in wondering why because “I meant it for good.”

I found this book to be a good reminder of how we need to view life. It’s about being accountable for the choices we make and knowing that if we head in the wrong direction, all the good intentions in the world won’t help make it a good choice. There is also a good study guide in the back of the book that is helpful as you move through the book. I recommend it as a good read for anyone who is seeking to figure out why things may not be working as you had hoped.

I received this book by Andy Stanley as a part of my participation in BookSneeze, a program where Thomas Nelson publishers provides books for bloggers to read in exchange for posting a review, with no promise that the review will be good or bad. I’d like to thank Thomas Nelson for allowing me to participate in this program as it’s given me some great reads.

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