Today I started a Bible study with a women’s group at the church where I grew up. It’s Beth Moore’s “Inheritance” study. I haven’t been to that church for a very long time, for lots of reasons, some of which are just life. I happened to see a post from a friend who said she was leading this study, and I have always enjoyed Beth Moore’s work, so I decided to sign up and go.

Week One was both fun and interesting. I believe there’s just something good about women gathering together. There was, in fact, a study done that shows when women spend time together, it releases oxycontin into their brain. So it’s good for us to be together. It lifts our spirits, encourages us, in ways that we don’t get when we are interacting with men. I’m thankful that my friend did that post on Facebook because it gave me this opportunity.

In today’s lesson, our number one take away from it was, quite simply, “I am an heiress.” Imagine that! I don’t know about you, but I grew up in a military household. Money was tight. My brother and I often talk about how we could tell when the money ran out because our meals became navy beans and cornbread. We had everything we needed. Perhaps not everything we wanted, but we were provided for.

Fast forward to today’s lesson when Beth Moore says “You have a wealthy father.” Wow, wrap my head around that one! A wealthy father? It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. As our Father, God is certainly wealthy beyond anything we can imagine. Because we are heirs and co-heirs with Jesus, that passes on to us.

I was intrigued by the portion of the lesson that spoke to “the year that changed your life.” I’m in the midst of one of those years right now. It’s make or break time in my business. That said, I firmly believe God is in control there, and I daily claim Jeremiah 29:11 as my life verse. That never changes just because circumstances around me may change.

My other take away from today: Don’t be bored! Being bored is dangerous. I can attest to that. According to Moore, when we are bored, one of three things happen. We grow numb. Been there, done that. We get into trouble. Okay, probably did that one too. The third option, we can let go and do the God thing.

Letting go. Now there’s a concept. I tend to think like she did. I would love for my life to be a “wild ride.” To enjoy it to the fullest, to look back on it and go “WOW that was a wild ride!” And then the other shoe drops. Because, as she points out, it can’t be a wild ride if you are the one who is driving. Okay wait. You mean I can’t be the driver? I have to give up my control freak self? Yikes! If you think about the concept of a wild ride, she’s right. It’s not a wild ride if you’re driving. You know where you’re going, when you’re going to turn, and when you’re stopping.

So, for today, and a day at a time, I will work on letting go and doing the God thing. I AM a real live heir of God and a co-heir with Jesus Christ. Because I’m a woman, technically I’m an heiress! I can’t wait to see where this wild ride is going!

How about you? Anyone else want a wild ride but struggle with letting go of being in control?

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