With Christmas done, we often turn our thoughts to the new year and how will we spend it. We think about creating New Year’s Resolutions, although many of those get broken. We ponder how things will be different in the new year, for ourselves and for our families.

I don’t tend to make New Year’s Resolutions. I’m just a realist there and know that creating them means that somewhere in the year I will be upset with myself for breaking them. It is what it is. What I do instead is select three words every year that will define my new year. I have found this works well for me as it sets a North Star for the year. It allows me to review the things I am doing and be sure they connect to those three words. And so it’s that time again. Here are my three words for 2015.


Kathy Nicholls Inspire

This word is often on my list. I want to inspire others to see in themselves the things I see. I want to inspire them to reach for their goals and dreams. And I want them to see that they can accomplish what they want in life if they don’t give up.

I also want to be inspired by others. I have several groups I belong to, some related to business, some related to my writing, and some personal. From those, I find inspiration for myself that helps me stay focused.

Several years ago, I made the decision that I wanted to be involved in things that make a difference. Something that helps others, that supports them in making a difference for their family. That is why I chose the business I am in now. It lets me help others tell the stories of their lives through customized jewelry. Sometimes it’s the first time they have told that story. It also allows me to be a part of others’ journey to make a difference for their family. Whether it’s the single mom who is working her business to support her kids, or the professional who wants a change in career, it’s all a part of what I am blessed to do these days. I love seeing others’ success and being able to celebrate that with them. That in itself inspires me to do more.


This is my year to focus on health. There are so many reasons for that. I will be healthier, in my decisions and choices. I will be healthier in my relationships. All of this plays into becoming better at who I am.

One of the things we are doing in our house toward this goal is making the move to the essential oil world. I have often been curious about the value of using essential oils. I’m happy to say I sure don’t have any doubt about it now. In October, I found myself with my annual bronchitis, that often turns to pneumonia. Funds were tight and a doctor’s visit with prescription just wasn’t in the cards. That’s when I got serious about the oils. Using two simple oils, over about two weeks, my lungs cleared up and I was feeling so much better. And all with natural products and without my annual dose of steroids that just make me feel awful. It’s also allowed me to no longer take medications for headaches, even my occasional migraine. I am so glad we started this journey. My husband and I are doing this one together and looking forward to sharing this journey with others to help them as well. Feel free to stop by our Facebook page and give it a like.

The reality with health is that we are just able to do so much more with life when we are focused on good health. It means some definite changes this next year, however, they are changes I am looking forward to!


Kathy Nicholls Integrity

Another word that has always been important to me. I came out of an industry two years ago that had become questionable as it related to integrity. For me, integrity is about doing the right thing. About saying what you mean and meaning what you say. About always following through with things when you say you will do something. Now I find myself in the direct sales industry. I love it and am blessed to have found a company that operates with that same value of integrity. I always want this to be foremost in my mind and my actions.

How It Fits

I’m often asked how you narrow things down to just three words. It’s pretty easy. I will still write, I’ll write about things that inspire others, I will probably write about our journey to become healthier, and I will do it with integrity and honesty. These three words will be the North Star for me in 2015. I am looking forward to the next step in this journey we call life!

How about you? What three words will you pick for 2015?

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