March plans

I often love new adventures, don’t you? This past month has taken me on quite a few! So we begin March, a new month, a brand new chapter in the book that will be called my 2016. Here’s what’s up!

A New Business Model

First, my company changed. The end of January/first of February brought about lots of changes with South Hill Designs. We are now a part of Youngevity, which is a family of companies. Change can be an exciting thing, and this one has definitely been that. It means I have so much more to share with people in products, many that can change lives. I’m learning them slowly and really liking this change!

The Year of Our Best Health

Okay, so this isn’t new for this month, but it is a 2016 goal. As we get older, sadly, I believe we start to look more at our own health. I say sadly because we really should do that much sooner in life. For me, it started with the realization that I am only 10 years way from the age my mother was when she died of a heart attack. Yep, that’s scary. So this is the year to change things. On this venture, both my husband and myself have started the health supplements and products offered by Youngevity. I’ll be sharing more about that along the way. On top of the normal “health packs” that are offered, there is a weight loss pack that I will be starting this month so stay tuned! Then there’s the awesome drink called Pollen Burst. Think of it as an all natural, pump you up energy drink. I love it and it sure makes my afternoons better!

And since it’s the year of OUR best health, let’s not forget Turbo, the Wonder Dog. Turbo, like his mom, is getting older. It’s been heartbreaking to watch him lately because his back legs are starting to give out from the arthritis. It makes me so sad to see him struggling like that and almost having to drag those legs until he gets his bearing a little better and can walk. So, Turbo also went on these products from Youngevity. And guess what? It’s working! He doesn’t drag his legs anymore, walks a little more spry, and for the first time in six months, he actually stood at the door and barked at a dog across the street! I am so thankful that we found products that can help him as well! And I can’t wait to see just how much better he gets. These results now are after only two weeks!

Time for Me

Now you might be asking “why is this a ‘new’ thing?” Simply because I forget to do it! And I bet you do too! For me, I’ve found an amazing outlet to relax and take some “me time.” I color! Yes, I have jumped on the bandwagon of adult coloring books and all of the therapeutic benefits that come with that! And I’m having a blast! Did you know there’s a coloring book for just about everything? Mine are all focused on either inspiration pictures or Bible verses. I love that I can color a Bible verse picture, relax and at the same time spend some time reflecting on God’s word. I find coloring to be the perfect way to relax at the end of the day, or even to just say today’s mine and spend my afternoon with my books and my gel pens! Speaking of gel pens, stay tuned here because tomorrow I’ll be writing about the very best thing I’ve found in gel pens AND having a little giveaway! Stay tuned!

This one also means I will be spending more time writing again. I haven’t been doing that and I miss it so much. I hope you will follow along with me on this amazing journey we call life. I’ll be doing more on this personal blog, more on my business blog, and most important, I plan to start my next book because that outline has been sitting there way too long without any action on it!

So, that’s my new month! Leave me a comment and tell me what your March is looking like! I’d love to hear it.

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